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Measure 11 Crimes

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Measure 11 crimes are those that carry mandatory minimum prison sentences.  They are codified under the Oregon Statutes, chapter 137.  This unfortunate law restricts the judges’ ability to sentence certain crimes with their accustomed level of discretion.  It hampers the DA’s ability to negotiate resolution of cases, and it constrains the defense attorney’s ability to affect a sentencing outcome.  Experience with Measure 11 crimes is crucial when dealing with these cases, as there are decisions to be made that may affect the rest of one’s life.  The most important decision you can make at this point is to call the offices of Michael Kellington, Attorney at Law to set up an appointment for an initial consultation.

Under Oregon’s Measure 11 statute, certain violent crimes and sex crimes are punished by mandatory minimum prison sentences.  If you are accused of one of the listed offenses, you best chance is to hire a skilled attorney to fight for your freedom and your future.

Michael Kellington is known for his skill and experience in major criminal cases, including Measure 11 crimes and other serious felonies.  We will prepare from day one for a trial that puts our clients in the best position for a favorable outcome.  If it’s not possible to get charges downgraded or dismissed to avoid being sent to prison, we will take the case to trial and fight for you.  We are also known for favorable results in appeals and post-conviction relief.
Upon conviction of a Measure 11 crime, the court cannot sentence the person to less than the minimum sentence.  There is no time off for good behavior or possibility of early parole: the entire sentence must be served in its entirety.
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